Saturday, March 2, 2013

Segways for Sale Alternative Robin M1 Electric Scooter & Other Transporters

Below we have one of our Signature Series Segway Style Personal Transporters

Robo Z1-D Personal Tranporter

( Not made by Segway )

CE, NQA, FCC, ROHS, & UL Certifications
 Strictly Follows the Standards of ISO9001 as well

Just as Dependable and Durable as Any Segway Transporter without the segway cost or Price

Many Playful Colors to choose From

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Silver & Black 


New Mini Segway Alternative Style Transporter

>>> <<<

The New Inmoton SCV R1 EX is the Latest mini segway style personal electric transporter without the segway cost or segway prices.  The Inmotion scv also has a removable battery, a 20 pre-set remote control and a neat voice function as well. 

The size of the mini segway style alternative personal transporter Inmotion SCV R1 is 13.3 " X 19.2" X 56.6" ( adjustable height )  and it weighs only 31 lbs  

Turn up your Speakers and Fall in Love with the Inmotion SCV R1




Bot- 9 Personal Electric Transporter   

Below we have the all new style Bot-9 Personal Electric Transporter.  The Bot-9 has answered the calling of a lighter weight segway style personal transporter that does not have the segway cost or segway prices.  The Bot-9 only weights 51.8 lbs, will run about 12.5 mph and has the latest technology available today in personal transportation.

CE, NQA, ROHS, & UL Certifications

Compare our Segway style Models to Segways for Sale Today

Dual Independent Batteries for Added Security

Easily Transported in any Vehicle for Easy Transportation 

Very Stylish and Cool at night with New Led Technology

Video of Bot-9 In Action


For more Detailed Information on Specifications visit 



Are you looking for Segways for sale?  Were not trying to mislead you by getting you to this page.  Were actually trying to save you money on the cost of an expensive segway by intruducing you to the Robin M1 Robstep Personal Transporter.

So how much do Segways cost?  Segways cost can vary considerably, we'll get into that more in a moment.  But right now we just want to help you save some money on a really dependable product that cost way less than a segway for sale.

We Would like to officially introduce you to the The Robin M1 Robstep Personal Transporter Mobility Scooter.  Thats the long name we give for the Robin M1 Robstep.  The Mini Segway style Robin M1 Personal Transporter Scooter is a third to half the price of a segway for sale and just as durable and dependable if not more than an expensive segway.

The Robins are very stylish and colorful as well as Dependable and Durable.  

The Robin M1 Personal Transporter has been around since 2010 and have slowly been catching on world wide.  There currently legal to drive in china from what I understand.  Im not really sure the legal laws over here in the US but regular electric scooters are allowed on the highways so I see no reason why the Personal Transporter Robin M1 Wouldn't be allowed on the highway. And certainly don't see why any establishment would exchange words if you pull in with a robin M1 with the Optional Seat Attachment.

The Robin M1 Personal Transporter is good personal transportation for doing all kinds of choirs and errand running.  The Robin can be used for going hunting, fishing, even shopping if done properly I believe, as with the optional seat the Robin M1 in my opinion becomes an official mobility scooter.

The Robin M1 vs Segway for sale?  Can a Segway be controlled by an android powered smart tablet or smart phone?  Ive seen allot of expensive segways that cost upwards of $8000 and I don't remember any of them being able to be remote controlled by a smart phone.  I do not want to make any accusactions as to what a segway can or a segway cannot do, but I just never seen one being controlled by a android tablet or smart phone before.

The Robin M1 has many optional accessories including a seat, saddlebags, golf caddy, bag, helmets, gloves, led lights and a parking frame for your car.  Yes the Robin M1 Robstep Personal Transporter is very portable, as it weights only 40 lbs and easily fits into the trunk of a car. 

Free Shipping Withing the USA and Most Countries

Click any of the links in this post or the links in the bottom of this post to see more videos of the Robin M1 in action, including youtube videos of the Robin m1 crashing in and out of waves, and pulling a car and performing some amazing stunts and tricks.

How much do segways cost vs Robin M1 cost? Segways cost upwards of $8000 depending on which model you get, and there are sooooo many models to choose from, it's very confusing as to which is the better model segway for sale, cause I have seen some segways for sale for as little as $1700.

 How much do segways cost vs  Robin  M1.   How much are segways for sale compared to the Robin M1 Personal Transporter.

Robin M1 cost is $2699.00 with free shipping anywhere in the usa, we have seen some sites selling the Robin M1 for over $3400.00 plus shipping!!  The Robin M1 is very versatile and dependable I guess thats why some sites can get away with charging a little more.

For more information on the Robin M1  Click Here or any of the links in this post, just hover over them with your mouse and click on them to find our more information or to see more videos of the Robin M1 Personal Transporter Videos.

Below is A Video I think Everybody should see.  Its the Video Mentioned above where the Robin M1 is Crashing in and out of the Ocean.

Robin M1 Cruising Up and Down the Ocean and In and Out of It!!

Below this one is just a Link Video to our Site, Nothing Special Here


Free Shipping withing the USA & Most Countries

((( Your Tracking number could take anywhere from 3 -5 days to receive Because of customs Declarations, under special circumstances we may be able to get you your Robin M1 a little quicker, so please contact us for details if you need your robin quicker ))) 

After your tracking number is provided the robins usually arrive at there destination in a few days by dhl express, so this is really just a technicality and to keep you from worrying about your purchase or where you tracking number is at, all robins are usually delivered within 10 days of purchase.

>>> Click Here to See our Feedback on Ebay for the Robin M1 <<<

>>> Click Here to See our Amazon Reviews <<<


If you would like a Demonstration of the robin m1 we will be glad to meet you at OUR nearest major airport. ( trip expenses are you responsibility ) Either the Charlotte, NC Airport or the Fayetteville, NC airport for a flat fee of $250.00, the $250 will be for a half day demonstration with the robin as well as our personal expenses for the trip.

If you live under 500 miles from zip code 28351 we can discuss a fee for us to either bring the robin to you for show or you can meet us half way for a smaller fee, or you can come to us and see it for yourself.



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