Thursday, October 3, 2013

Segway for Sale Style Personal Transporter Cost Price Alternatives Electric Chariots For Sale

What is a Segway?

The best segway alternative for the money can be found on the link below
What exactly is a segway electric scooter?  A segway electric Scooter is a self balancing Stand on Personal Transporter Electric Chariot Scooter controlled by sophisticated computer controlled Gyroscopes that help maintain your balance.   Dean Kamen is the original inventor of the segway.  Mr. Kamen invented the segway for sale back in 2001 and eventually sold his company to Jimi Heselden.  Mr. Heselden later had a fatal accident when he accidentally drove his off road segway x2 off the side of a cliff.

Z1-D Segway Alternative Below

( Not Made by Segway )

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How expensive are segways for sale. What is the price of a segway scooter?  Most off road segway x2's cost around $7500.00 but we have seen some of the stand on personal transporters sell for as low as $6000.00.   You can find a cheap used segway x2 scooter on the internet for sale scooter for around $3000.00 -  $5000,00, and remember thats for a used segway for sale.

( Not Made by Segway )

If you are looking for a cheap segway personal transporter or a used segway for sale we have some good news.  We work with several manufacturers who offer segway alternatives for sale.  Our site is  and we offer several different segway type scooters without the segway cost or segway price.

Our Personal Stand on Electric Transporters are not affiliated with the segways in any way.  Our Personal Transporters are made our of pretty much the same thing that the expensive segways are made out of.  The Transporters we offer are just as dependable and durable as any of the segways on the market today.

If you would like more information on our New line of Segway Alternatives visit our site and get to know the staff at  You'll be glad you did!

Below is our Segway X2 Alternative Z1-D Personal Electric Transporter

The Z1-D personal transporter is an excellent alternative to the expensive segway x2 for sale.

( Not Made by Segway )

You can use the Z1-d Personal transporter for all kinds of all road activities including hunting and fishing.   ( Never walk to your deer stand again with the z1-d segway style Personal Transporter,  imagine never having to walk to your favorite hunting or fishing spot again with the segway alternative z1-d )

For specifications and videos of our personal transporters including the segway x2 alternative z1-d stand on electric personal transporter  visit  or visit our official site:  

Segway i2 Type Alternative  Zl-03i personal Transporters

We do offer more than one type of segway alternative on our site 

The ZL-03i personal transorter comes in Red, Green, White, and Black, and offers two different types of rim styles to choose from.  The ZL- 03i electric chariot transporter is a good alternative to the i2 style pt segway cruisers that are for sale.

The ZL-03i  Personal Electric Stand on Transporter is just as rugged and durable as the segway i2 type pt's that are being sold for thousands more.  Why pay more for a segway when you can get a segway alternative that is just as dependable as the segways for sale.

You can purchase two of our Personal Transportation Electric Scooters for what one segway cost.  Don't settle for a used segway for sale when you can have a brand new segway alternative for half of what a segway cost.

Visit  for all our Segway Alternatives and never buy a used Segway again.

All of our Personal Transporters come with a full one year warranty and are made from the best materials available.  Our segway alternatives are not cheap knock offs of the segway.  Our personal transporters are for people who are interested in purchasing an electric scooter type segway but do not want to pay the rediculous price that comes with them.

Get to know the friendly staff at  and save thousands on your Personal Transportation needs today.  You'll be glad you did!



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